Asteroids revenge II After finishing AR3 this is more of a tech demo then a "game" but you can still have some fun with it. The basic strategy is to move your asteroid in a circle to herd the ships together. Once you get a juicy pile bunched up then move in for the kill. This will set all of the ships on the same "shot clock" making it easy to dodge the bullets.
Asteroids revenge III Now this is a game! I've spent a lot time and love building this.

Humans have declared war on all asteroids in the universe.

Protect your friends and innocent asteroids in your belt!

-25 Levels, boss and a free-for-all to go for a high score
-Powerup selection after each level, many last throughout the game
-Multiple Ending depending on how successful you play
-Many different enemy types and strategies available

I really hope you enjoy it!
SolaRola - The Gravity Maze (cool red title text) Control Wiz and Waz through a series of rotating mazes which will test your speed, logic skills and reactions as they attempt to fight off the twin enemies of BOREDOM and HUNGER!
Lazy Box I've been working on this game off and on for several months now. It would be a lot further along if Asteroids didn't get stuck in my brain recently! :)

If you beat AR3 with the best ending you will get a small clue on the backstory in Lazy Box.